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Hi, and thanks for visiting our site.

A few years ago, I was planning my 1st litter of BSH Silver Tabbies. I wondered what I’d do if I couldn’t re home all the kittens so began to research online kitten sale sites. I wont name any of these sites but what I saw was, well, disturbing so say the least. ‘Pedigree Kittens’ being sold for £100’s that were quite clearly not what was stated. Often sickly looking kittens being parted from their Mothers far too early. ‘Rare Coloured Kittens’ that were nothing more than a bad example of an existing colour at an over-inflated price, kittens being sold un-vaccinated, no paperwork, no pedigree, even a ‘kitten sale’ where you could buy a kitten cheaper if you purchased before a certain time on a certain day…the list went on.

Two things struck me when viewing these ads. The health and welfare of the kittens and the blatant deception of the people buying. The invention of the internet has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the rise of the Back Yard Breeders. People who simply see cats as a commodity, a means of making a few quid. These people get them born, get them gone and tell buyers whatever it takes to make a sale and now have a sales platform with a huge reach.

There was no way I wanted to advertise my kittens among all these people. It struck me there was nowhere on the internet that actually regulated their adverts. No site that insisted that the basic guidelines issued by GCCF, TICA, FiFe etc were followed. This lack of regulation simply allows more and more kittens to be sold for breeding to those who have no respect for the cats or the pedigree and are simply out to make a quick buck, often selling unhealthy, unregistered kittens.

And so, with the above in mind, I had Pedigreecatworld built. The purpose of the site is to give the breeders who genuinely care about their breed a place to advertise their kittens knowing that everyone is subject to the same rules – you must own a prefix, you must sell the kittens as pets only and the ad must state that the kittens are vaccinated and paperwork will be issued. The site has never been about making money from breeders – we all know the costs of keeping and showing cats and rearing kittens. The £10 subscription simply goes towards maintaining the site.

If you have kittens and fit the criteria, please give us a try, we hope you wont be disappointed.

Stay safe,