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Listing Prices & Terms and Conditions

A Quick Price and Conditions Guide Before You Post

How Much Does It Cost To Post An Ad?

See below our current prices for listing an ad with Pedigree Cat World UK. 


£10 / Year

  • One Year Of Unlimited Kitten Advertising
  • One Year Of Unlimited Stud Advertising
  • One Year Of Unlimited Retired to Rehome Advertising

Advertising Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions listed are intended to protect the welfare of kittens and parents and uphold the standards which these beautiful animals deserve. No listing will be made public until we have received a copy of proof of prefix and any edited ads will be screened before being re-listed. We firmly believe that the users of our website are fully behind what we are doing and what we would like to achieve. Given the ads placed on other sites, we strongly believe there is a place for a regulated kitten sales platform.  We make no apology for the rules we have in place, they are an essential part of our aims and aspirations and we are sure all users will understand why. Thank you for your support!
Steve & Joanne

If anybody requires any further information or clarification, please contact us at

  • 1 All kittens must be at least 13 weeks old on the day they are collected.
  • 2 Pedigree Certificate must be issued to new owners on day of collection unless prior agreement in writing by both parties.
  • 3 All kittens advertised on Pedigreecatworld must be registered as NON-ACTIVE.
  • 4 Kittens must be fully vaccinated and vet checked prior to collection by new owner.
  • 5 Vaccination records must be issued to new owner on day of collection.
  • 6 Blood testing for disease is highly advised but not as yet mandatory.
  • 7 The 5th photo on all kitten adverts is reserved for our approved logo. Please email a copy of your GCCF/TICA/FiFe/CFA breeder certificate to If you do not have/have lost your certificate please email us and we will discuss other ways to prove prefix ownership. Ads will only be published once prefix ownership is proved.
  • 8 Any registered advertiser found not to be adhering to the above conditions will be given the opportunity to put their case forward as to why this may have happened. A decision will then be made, based on the evidence, as to whether to terminate that individual’s subscription to the site.
  • 9 All ads must contain the basic rules in the free text - 13 weeks old, vaccinated, registered non-active and paperwork will be issued
  • 10 No private information, contact details, or any other details will be passed to any other organisation or company without prior consent or unless legally obliged to do so. Full addresses will not be published.
  • 11 It is assumed that when subscribing you agree to adhere to the above regulations.

Annual Product/Service Ads

£200 / Year

  • One Year Of Unlimited Products Advertising

6 Month Product/Service Ads

£150 / 6 Months

  • 6 Months Of Unlimited Products Advertising

Monthly Product/Service Ads

£50 / Month

  • One Month Of Unlimited Products Advertising

Bi Weekly Product/Service Ads

£30 / 2 Weeks

  • Two Weeks Of Unlimited Products Advertising

Weekly Product/Service Ads

£20 / Week

  • One Week Of Unlimited Products Advertising

Need To Get In Touch?

If you have any more questions or need to chat to us about something you've seen on the site then please get in touch. We encourage everyone on visiting Pedigree Cat World to notify us of any problems, issues, abuse or violations of our Rules & Regulations. We want Pedigree Cat World to be a safe haven for cat lovers around the UK and even further afield, so please help us where you can. Our furry friends will appreciate it too!

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