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Steve & Joanne Abrahams


We are Steve & Joanne, and, along with our 2 teenage children Nathan & Ellie, live in the heart of suburban South Yorkshire. We are all totally cat crazy and, after visiting other kitten selling websites, felt it was time that there was a site out there, devoted to pedigree cats, with rules in place to protect these beautiful babies. So here it is, Created by the wonderful web designer that is Farah of Graphara Design, we all hope you enjoy what you see and find your perfect fur baby!!

Steve & Joanne xx


The Rest Of The Team



GrCh Limatz Ironman.AKA Harry. The newest member of the family, and a romantic interest for Lola....when he's grown up of course!!



GrPr Lourewz Silver Blade. AKA Oscar, our big soft boy! Quite obviously not in charge, does what the feline females tell him. Anything for a quiet life this one!



Lourewz Diamonds & Pearls. AKA Lola. Our 1st active girl who has given us 2 beautiful litters. She loves the quiet life at home with us and her babies.



GrPr Lourewz Jelly Tot. AKA Cupcake, the Matriarch of the clan. Aloof, and a little snobby. But then with looks like that, she can be....

What Do Other People Think Of Pedigree Cat World?


"Pedigree Cat World is a great addition to the world wide web. It means that we can trust the kittens that are being sold here and know everything is legit." 


Need To Get In Touch?

If you have any more questions or need to chat to us about something you've seen on the site then please get in touch. We encourage everyone on visiting Pedigree Cat World to notify us of any problems, issues, abuse or violations of our Rules & Regulations. We want Pedigree Cat World to be a safe haven for cat lovers around the UK and even further afield, so please help us where you can. Our furry friends will appreciate it too!

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